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Courtroom Presentation? Choose Your Weapon Well

  • Retina Graphics for iPad 3 & above
  • More attractive callout
  • Maximized document viewing area (larger than any other app available)
  • More Printing Options
  • Import files via iTunes
  • Free Drawing Made Smoother
  • Add items directly to project sub-folders
  • Print Index Improved
  • Implemented Apple Security API
  • Add & Edit Notes In Projects
  • More Responsive Zoom
  • Sharper Resolution on Documents Zoomed
  • 1.5 Zooming With Double Tap

At only $49.99 ExhibitView Ipad 4.0 is a serious app at a better price!

"I have been using PC ExhibitView since last fall. I just downloaded ExhibitView for ipad. Great app!"

Rob Hogan, Esq., Lubbock, Tx

ExhibitView iPad integrated with our PC brand!

  • Presentation/Witness slider to safely hide your exhibit library and share your iPad for comment.
  • Hearings. Load exhibits quickly and head out the door.
  • Mediation/Arbitration. Prepare for trial with amazing Mediations. Tease opposing counsel with how you plan to educate the jury, thoroughly and effectively and they will know you're serious.
  • Trial. Engage, educate and make a connection with the jury. ExhibitView is an amazingly powerful tool that helps to enhance the visual aspects of your clients story.

Finis Raymond Price, III, Esq.

We dedicate this release of ExhibitView iPad to the memory of our friend, colleague and "technoesq", Finis Raymond Price, III, Esq. a trial attorney, a true visionary in the field of technology and the law. Finis was a consultant on ExhibitView iPad and was a leading authority on legal technology and iPad apps for lawyers.

Finis spoke around the United States, was a professor at Chase Law School at Northern Kentucky University and was simply a beautiful person. His memory will live on for many, many years to come. - Bill Roach, Partner, ExhibitView Solutions, LLC - March, 4, 2012

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